Monday, 12 December 2011

Chorded keyboard

A keyset or chorded keyboard (also alleged a chorded keyset, ambit keyboard or chording keyboard) is a computer ascribe accessory that allows the user to access characters or commands formed by acute several keys together, like arena a "chord" on a piano. The ample cardinal of combinations accessible from a baby cardinal of keys allows argument or commands to be entered with one hand, abrogation the added duke free. A accessory advantage is that it can be congenital into a accessory (such as a pocket-sized computer or a bike handlebar) that is too baby to accommodate a normal-sized keyboard.

A chorded keyboard bare the board, about advised to be acclimated while captivated in the hand, is alleged a keyer. Douglas Engelbart alien the chorded keyset as a computer interface in 1968 at what is generally alleged "The Mother of All Demos

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