Monday, 12 December 2011

Open-source designs

Three open-source keyer/keyset designs are available: The pickey8 a ps/2 accessory based on the PIC microcontroller, the spiffchorder9 a USB accessory based on the Atmel AVR ancestors of microcontrollers, and the GKOS keypad disciplinarian for Linux10 as able-bodied as the Gkos library for the Atmel/Arduino11 accessible antecedent board.

Joy2chord is a Chorded Keyboard disciplinarian for Linux computers. With a agreement file, any joystick or gamepad can be angry into a chorded keyboard. This architecture aesthetics was absitively on to lower the amount of architecture devices, and in about-face lower the access barrier to acceptable accustomed with chorded keyboards. Macro keys, and assorted modes are additionally calmly implemented with a user amplitude driver

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